Travelocity Accessibility Policy PDF

Travelocity Accessibility Policy

Travelocity is committed to providing an accessible and easy-to-use website for our customers. This is in line with our company's core value of using our collective intelligence to invent technology and create products that simplify and improve travel for our customers and partners.
Our goal is to make our website content and services accessible to the widest audience possible. We are committed to including the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in our product design process.
We recognize that WCAG is always evolving and so must we as we continue to meet these standards.

Our Four Key Areas of Focus:

Quality Assurance

In our efforts to incorporate WCAG, Travelocity uses manual and automated accessibility testing in conjunction with ongoing assessment by in-house and third-party accessibility specialists. Our goal is to continue to identify areas for usability improvement and further improve the accessibility of our site.

User Experience and Engineering Training

We provide our product teams with online and in-person training, periodic refreshers, and informational sessions. In addition, our team of accessibility experts is always available for support and guidance.


We have a wealth of reference information available to our product teams, including best practices, discipline-based support guides, and FAQs. We continually update and improve this documentation as the WCAG standards evolve.

Component Library (the "UI Toolkit")

In order to scale, continue rapid development, and enable continuous deployment, we focused on making our component library consistent with WCAG standards. This UI Toolkit includes buttons, menus, dialogs, patterns, and more that are built from the ground-up to be accessible. These components are then used by our front-end teams to provide an accessible, consistent user interface.
We will continue to work, creating the best user experience while supporting full accessibility for the vast majority of users. Should you have questions or comments as to how we can better provide accessibility features and services, please let us know.


If you have questions or comments regarding our accessibility policy, please contact us via email: